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Flip Thinking, Start from Zero:::

(By Academic Vice President Kuen Ting) mailto:kuenting@mail.lhu.edu.tw


Lunghwa University placing itself as a brilliant university of technology aims to provide innovative technology services and to incubate professional experts for industries. In recent years, the industrial nature has been immensely shifted by the rapid development of appealing cloud computing, big data, internet of things (IoT), and intelligent manufacturing technologies. Renewned its strong vocational system, Germany proposed the idea “Industry 4.0” in order to assist its manufacture industry in escaping recession and moving towards new world. Lunghwa’s faculties and students should try to think in time how to meet this new era.


We often confine ourselves in the current situation and unwillingly change. In this era, the technology and environment alter abruptly. If our thinking cannot keep up in time, we will be ruled out in a very short time. If our students are without innovative visions, they will have uncertainties in their future career. Thus, flip our thinking and start from zero; just like silkworm’s transformation. Let us get rid of old thought to have a brand new start and face this innovative, creative and enterprising era.